The Inherent Dangers of a Burst Sewage Pipe: Blocked Pipes

At one point or another in every home comes the opportunity to unclog drainage pipes or call the neighborhood plumber. Talk about messy, foul smell and unsightly seen, burst sewage are not only unaesthetic in appeal, but also very treacherous to the health of persons around them. That the inherent dangers of a burst sewage pipe are present due the health hazards it presents for instance waste, dirt and heavily contaminated water can if ingested, cause you to be ill in a matter of hours from the heavy microbial load that they possess.


Every year the municipal department of waste and sanitation management of Iowa responds to 20,000 house calls to fix clogged municipal pipe lines. The unsanitary situation presented by sewage water leads to wet and slippery conditions in or around the home that can cause very catastrophic falls that leads to emergency room fractures and sprains. The disgusting odors presented by the water can cause nausea and lack of appetite. This is due to the fact that despite the smell there are toxic gases involved and at high levels per se the burst of a main city pipe it can lead to asphyxiation and hydrogen supplied poisoning. The gases present are produced due to the action of a bacteria and the organic matter present. The sewer water is also loaded with danger and pathogenic bacteria and other germs that if they contaminate food may lead to food poisoning and spoilage. Some of them lead to life threatening disease like cholera, dysentery and typhoid.


Taking care of the inherent dangers of burst sewage pipe is detrimentally important. Did you know that a person can actually file a lawsuit against you if they slip on sewer water in or around your home? You will be charged with negligence, endangering lives and violation of proper housing condition code. Prevent before you cure and if it happens deal with the problem conclusively.