Placing the septic tank in your home

Septic Tank Installs is a process, but homeowners require being careful because there are regulations, codes and zoning ordinances in place make sure the whole septic system is placed perfectly. To ensure that these rules are followed and the method is designed for the home in question it is a good to hire a contractor who knows all state and federal codes. The environmental protection agency has set some guidelines that should be followed by people placing or replacing a system. Following these requirements will make sure the right installation of an annoying free system that will serve for more years. Placing a septic tank is not an easy project to do it yourself. EPA regulations need that only licensed designer to repair or install septic systems.


All plans and designs need to be approved by local building or health departments. After the installation is finished the system should be checked and passed by the health or building inspector. The EPA code includes how far from your house and also neighboring homes the tank must be placed. It also requires to be installed away from the drinking water source. The drain area should satisfy some specification based upon the size of the tank and soil properties on the home. There are regulations about how deep the septic tank can be located. Sewer gases may get away into the surroundings if the tank is installed at shallow of a depth. This can cause irritating odors for you and your neighbors also. You do not need it buried too deep because this can create problems if repairs or maintenance requires to be performed.


Most of the tanks are buried at the three feet from the tank top to the proper grade. A good septic tank contractor can assist homeowner meet the rules and regulations required to get a proper installation. It is good to obtain quotes from four to five different contractors to compare rates and design ideas. Most of the installations are straightforward, but obtaining lots of opinions and quotes will assist ensure that you receive a properly and placed a septic system. Any good septic tank, placing will start with the design process. A well designed system will satisfy all present codes and regulations and will be combined with the design of the property prior ground is broken.


A well design system will keep maintenance problems to lower level. If you are considering installing a septic tank system, look for an experienced and professional contractor. He will help you to get a well-designed septic tank system in your home. It is also good to hire a professional designer to look at your home prior you break ground for the new house. They will examine the lay of the land and perform soil tests to identify the best place for the septic tank and the drain area. They will also look where you will prefer to place the house in this process. Most of the designs are according to the fact that crap runs downstream, showing that a gravity fed unit costs less than a system that require pumps to work efficiently.