Unclogging a utility sink using a snake

The same procedure used to unclog the bathroom or kitchen sink using a snake will be used in the utility sink. But before going on to the unblocking business, you need to have all the items required to do the unblocking work.


What equipment’s are required while using a snake to unclog a sink?


1. A bucket.

2. A pair of adjustable pliers.

3. A snake

4. Towel probably an old one.


Before unclogging your drain, it is of utmost importance that you know what types of pipes your plumbing is made of, that is PVC or metallic. This is important as PVC pipes require much care than their metal counterparts as they can break easily if they are not handled with care.


If you don’t have a snake you can purchase one from a hardware store or from any department that deals with plumbing equipment.


Now it’s time to tackle the clogged drain.


1. The first thing is to turn off the water supply to the sink-This is done from the shut off valve which is mostly located under the sink. Water is shut to avoid too much water problems.


2. Place the bucket under the sink and set it under the bend of the sink-This bend under the sink is commonly known as trap and this is where sink blockages mostly occur due to things being trapped in the area.


3. Use the adjustable spanner to loosen the nuts holding the trap in place -The nuts should be loosened at both ends of the trap as you do the loosening water and gunk come out through the nut holes, This is the reason you got the bucket just let all the water get into the bucket.


4. Stick the drain augers end into the pipe that goes inside the wall-As you place the corkscrew end in, turn the handle in a clockwise direction. Keep feeding the snake into the wall until you reach the blockage. Be firm while pushing the snake.


5. Once you have pushed the snake through the blockage reverse it and start removing it-The snakes end should pull the clog.


Back and out, let it get into the bucket. Continue the same process until the blockage is cleared. After the blockage is cleared, using the towel to clean any mess on the floor.


If you find no blockage in the wall you should check the trap that you had removed, if the blockage is there clear it by running the snake through the trap. After you are through replace the trap, tighten the nuts and turn the water on.