Choosing a Plumber the Right Way

The right time to select a plumber is before something bad happens to the plumbing system of your property. Not looking for a plumbing professional ahead of time can and will result in having to settle with someone who may not be the right person to fix a broken plumbing fixture. If he made the problem worse, you may have to spend another sum of money on another plumber who can, hopefully, correct the mistakes of the one who worked before him.

1. Contact a neighbour for recommendations. Many homeowners had to hire a plumber at some point and can, therefore, recommend to you great names of individuals and companies.

2. If you know a contractor or builder, get in touch with one. Contractors and builders deal with plumbing professionals on a regular basis and, thus, have opinions about different plumbers and plumbing companies in the city, how well they work, and if their prices are competitive.

3. Speak with the real estate professional who represented you during the process of buying a house. Often, a real estate expert recommends a wide range of subcontractors to clients, if needed. Since many agents wish to keep you their customer for a long time, they will happily recommend to you a plumber.

4. Never leave any contact information on a plumbing company’s answering machine unless you are calling after their usual office hours (if they do not operate 24/7). In the same vein, you should be wary of children answering the phone. Although it is possible for a reputable plumber to work from home, especially in rural areas, many plumbers who have been operating for years operate in offices, and receptionists take calls for them.

5. While talking to a plumber, ask for his license number. When doing this, make sure to inform him that you will turn your claim to your homeowner’s insurance agent.

6. You must also ask how much their services cost. Many plumbing companies will give you price quotations, usually with a maximum price. The exception for this is if the problem happens within a ceiling or a closed wall. In such cases, plumbers will need to check out the problem first before offering a quotation.

7. Check the service warranty of a plumber prior to hiring him. If he is unable to guarantee his work for a specific period, then go for another plumber. Unless there are very old plumbing fixtures and pipes and your house requires a major plumbing overhaul, good plumbers will come back to fix leaks or other problems that he caused.