Disposing of Cosmetics, Cleaning Supplies and Medication

Disposing the wrong items down the drain or flushing them in the toilet is among the top causes of major blockage. One should know how to dispose of cosmetics, cleaning supplies and medication to avoid such situations. Flushing such products can be unsafe since they have chemicals which could eventually go into zones water supply. Water plants are not made to get rid of such wastes from waste water. Flushed medications have harmful consequences like poisoning of aquatic environments. This results to bacterial resistance which is a major problem for pharmaceuticals.


Flushed cosmetics result in poisoning in aquatic locations. Make-up, lotions any other cosmetic products are best thrown in dry trash. Cleaning supplies end up killing aquatic creatures, plants and animals when they mix up with water sources. They also cause pipe corrosion over time. One should inquire with their pharmacy on how best they can dispose medication remnants. Medication should be sealed with caps and then taped before being thrown in the trash. Cosmetics and medication can be put in grounds of used coffee then thrown away. This makes it difficult for pets, wild animals or people to go through.


Liquid medication and cleaners can be disposed by pouring them into a milk container that has kitty litter. This is safe for the environment and does not cause any kind of contamination to people or the environment. One should be sure of what cleaners they buy and to ensure they are safe for the environment in the event that they do end up mixing with water sources. One can also opt to use natural cleaners like vinegar and other products that are not toxic. Knowing how to dispose of cosmetics, cleaning supplies and medication helps to save the environment and cuts back on the long term harmful effects.