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Hot Water in Woolwich

He tossed the bag of soggy swimwear into the sink and turned on the tap. Sand spattered the sides of the tub as Duncan waited for the water to heat up a little bit. A torrent of sand ran out of his sons swimmers, turning the water a cloudy red colour. He continued rinsing, and rinsing, just so the washing machine wouldn’t get gritty, but the water kept running dirty.

He picked up a container and held it under the spout, before lifting it up to his eyes. The water was a dirty red colour and filled with small flecks. He poured it out and checked the cold water. It was clear and fleck free. Duncan immediately hopped online to search for a local Woolwich Plumber who would be able to arrive before the kid’s bath time that evening. He doubted his two children would appreciate an ice bath, regardless of how warm it was outside.

The Neighbourhood Plumber made it that afternoon. He arrived on time and made sure he put protective covers over his work boots before he stepped into the house. The Woolwich Plumber listened and watched as Duncan explained the problem, showing the Plumber the cloudy water that was pouring from every hot tap in his house! The Plumber asked to see the hot water tank. Duncan showed him around the side of the house to the Electric hot water heater. The Plumber inspected it and quickly found the problem. The tank was rusted and needed to be replaced. There was no way to restore or preserve the when it reached that stage as it was filled with rust. The Plumber ran through Duncan’s options with him, going through tank sizes and prices. Duncan opted for replacing the tank with an identical one. The local Woolwich Plumber began draining the tank and picked up a replacement one while he waited. Once the Neighbourhood Plumber returned, he disconnected the old tank and began installing the new. He connected it, and tested that everything was working. The tank began filling with water as the Plumber threw the old, rusted tank on the back of his truck.

FDo you have a problem with your hot water that you need looked at, but don’t know who to call in the Woolwich area? Contact your local Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0488 885 214!

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